I Want to Tell My Love Story: Part 1

June 18, 2016

I woke up that morning knowing I had full day ahead of me. Some friends, community members, and family members of a girl I once knew were banding together to raise money to afford a funeral for the girl. She had died unexpectedly and the family was unprepared, and many are with a 21 year old girl who was once so full of life.

I had volunteered to sell 50/50 tickets and put in a raffle prize for a photoshoot.

What I did not realize was that outpouring of people from school who would show up and be so willing to show support for this girl. I had invited many from my class and the class the girl had been in; the one after myself.

As the crowd came and went, friends comforted each other, and that is when he showed up. His name was Daniel and I had absolutely no idea who he was. He was wearing some generic camouflage basketball shorts and a very dirty neon yellow shirt. His face adorned with a short beard and sunglasses. However, he was not who I was looking at. His friend Anthony, an old friend of mine, was the one I had invited and was looking at. He had grown up, or at least physically. Mentally, that is a another story for another time.

I had not idea Anthony had told Daniel that he planned to set him and myself up, much like a blind date. Daniel must have been blindsided when Anthony walked up and kissed me and was buying my drinks. I knew I was; but I went with it.

When the event had ended, the drama of Megan’s grieving, and Anthony’s advances concluded with a date the next time at his place, I had no idea what was about to begin.

Daniel and I the first day we met




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