I am no stranger to stress. I have always been one to worry.

Now, something has come up in my life and now all I can do is sit on my hands and wait. What is more stressful than waiting? Not knowing what is going to happen. Not knowing what could happen to you, your career, and your future are some of the most tiresome worries you can have.

Thinking to myself, what if I have to move on? What if I have to start over? What if I lose everything I have worked for? I hate thinking.

I simply am ready to start over somewhere new. I want to move along. I want to relocate.

Those simple wants are huge stepping stones and very difficult to achieve. Moving is not a simple or cheap task. But what if I just picked up with some clothes, my fiancé, my dog, and just took off in a car I can’t even pay for? Would I be happy? I don’t know that answer.

I just know, I want to go away and start over. I want to know that no one knows me. I want to get a job I like and enjoy, no matter the pay. I just want out.

How can I get out?


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