Writing Challenge: Day 30

Prompt: Your current love. Describe it.

You all know by now that I simple love horse racing. My other blog, A World Full of Furlongs, is solely horse racing based. It is not only my current love, but my past love and my forever love.

Horse racing is simply a rush for anyone who has the luxury of standing on the rail at Keeneland or Churchill or wherever, feeling the pounding of hooves through their feet, the smell of the barns on the backside, or the thrill of a battle down the stretch.

What about the thrilling calls made by the track announces? The luxury of listening to Larry Collmus or Tom Durkin or Trevor Denman calling a race makes it all the more exciting.

Remember, horse racing is not a new sport, and taken hundreds of years to get where it is. The passion may be there right away, once you experience one or all of these things.


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