Writing Challenge: Day 7

Prompt: Five ways to win your heart

Oh goodness, what are five ways that Daniel won my heart?

Well one, he made me laugh…a lot. Daniel is such a character, and with me being easily classifiable as crazy, we seem to fit well together. His quirky character fits well with my frantic, easily crazed personality.

Another way was when Daniel really started to show me he cared about the things I was passionate about. And while others have attempted to that, Daniel did it in a way I truly could not describe. I didn’t mind repeating myself when I explained why only three-year-old thoroughbreds could run in the Kentucky Derby. I know we all have a lot of things to remember, so when he asks again a few months after I initially told him, I have no problem telling him.

Daniel also makes me feel like a damn queen. This easily hit a heart string when I finally noticed that he was madly in love with me. I had never been treated so well, by any guy I had ever been with. I’m sick? Daniel cooks, cleans, and handles our dog without so much as a peep about how tired he is or how he doesn’t feel good either. I had surgery? Same response from him.

What else can I say? Daniel involves me in HIS life. He wants his friends to be my friends. He introduced me to his people right off the bat. He was not afraid to bring me around his parents, and was even proud of the fact that he had a chance to be with me. That was seriously the most amazing feeling. The feeling that the one you are madly in love is proud of himself to be in love with you too.

And that brings us to the fifth point of winning my heart. Daniel never hid how he felt. I will never forget the moment he said “I love you.” How could I forget? He was leaving my house for the evening, and after a quick kiss, he made his way to the truck door, and in that simple process, he blurted out, “I love you babe,” and just climbed in his truck. In his doing this, it left me dumbstruck in the street as he drove away. I will never, ever, forget that moment. It was the moment I realized I loved him to. How could you forget that moment?

Since these five moments of winning my heart, Daniel has proposed and we are working on a life together. Now, how magical of a love story is ours?


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