Writing Challenge: Day 5

Prompt: List 5 places you want to visit

I would love to visit so many placed, listing only five is going to be difficult. Let’s start with somewhere in the United States.

The Grand Canyon.
That beautiful hole in the ground is a national landmark and rightfully so. There are so many things to do at the Grand Canyon. Ride a horse/donkey down to the bottom (how scary that would be!) or go on a hike! How cool would that be? There is even a glade walkway you can walk out onto and see straight below to the bottom of the canyon!


Las Vegas.
The Las Vegas experience is one to savor, from what I hear from family and friends, but be ready to spend some good money while on the trip. While I do plan on going to Vegas before I am dead, I am hoping to catch some amazing shows while I am there. I am not much of a gambler, so I would rather see the magic shows, the comedy shows, and even the burlesque shows!


London, England.
London is a faraway land I have always wanted to travel to. Disney Princesses have traveled there for originated from there. The best poets and authors of our recorded world have hailed from there. The history of the United States comes partly from England. How cool is England? Well….I am not exactly sure, but I do want to find out. I want to see Big Ben (the clock town that is), the housing, the historical landmarks, the…well, the everything!


Dubai, UAE.
Dubai is the richest country in the world. They host numerous events throughout the year, including the Dubai World Cup, a horse race with $10 million (likely to be increased soon)! Dubai is just flat out beautiful. One of my friend even proposed to his now-fiance on the top floor of their tallest building. Just….how awesome!


New York City, New York.
Who doesn’t want to go to New York? New York is where many famous people get famous! New York is also a central hub for immigration, having an influence from all over the world in just one spot! Also, my biggest wish is to travel to Elmont, NY to see the Belmont Stakes one day, preferably when a Triple Crown is on the line. Anyways, I truly want to visit Central Park and the World Trade Center Museum and Memorial. I was just old enough to remember that tragedy and have spent a decade learning more about it. I want to see it in real life. Plus, the Statue of Liberty is a pretty popular attraction, I thought I would check it out while I am there.


Where are five places you eat to visit? Comment below!

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