Writing Challenge: Day 4

Prompt: Write about someone who inspires you.

Someone who inspires me? There are many, but let’s pick someone I look up to for inspiration. Barbara Livingston. The photographer for the Daily Racing Form (DRF) who brings her photos to life, while all remaining still and frozen in time.

Her photos are both artistic and casual. Her photos are full of life yet just one frozen piece of a day which would possibly be passed over by many others.

Here is a wonderful story that the CBS Evening News did on the photographer.

Did you notice something about Barbara? She is nearly blind! How can one with this handicap still bring photos to the world which is often passed over by those who do not take those things to heart. A horse getting a bath? So what? That isn’t what Livingston says.

You can see her photos on DRF, Facebook, and all other social media.

She captures the trueness of a moment that is often missed by the normal individual. I just want to be half as talented as she is, and then I would likely be a happy individual with my photography.

Here are some examples of her photography. Please, enjoy her as much as I do


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2 thoughts on “Writing Challenge: Day 4

  1. Very inspirational, when I hear about people with disabilities performing so well like some one who is physically handicapped but gets a Olympic gold medal, how do they do it. I am truly amazed about such people, their will power and ability to not give up is just amazing.


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