Writing Challenge: Day 3

Prompt: What are your pet peeves?

Pet Peeve (n): something that a particular person finds especially annoying.

I do have pet peeves, but I only realize them when they are annoying me in that moment. I know I cannot stand when someone interrupts me when I am speaking. That just absolutely sets me off. It can eve ruin my whole day because my temper gets short for the remainder of the day.

Also, I used to live with a guy who would never put his dishes in the sink, but RIGHT NEXT to the sink. Now, can anyone tell me what extent of lazy that is, because it is especially annoying to me! How hard it is to put that plate in the sink?

I cannot think of too many things that truly annoy me, because a lot of things annoy me, but I don’t consider them pet peeves, necessarily. So tell me, what is your pet peeve(s)?


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