Writing Challenge: Day 2

Prompt: Write something that someone told you about yourself that you never forget.

I have never really been told something that has absolutely, through thick and thin, stuck in the back of my mind. There are some quotes that stick with me through situations and that I sometimes cling to, but nothing that someone has told me about myself that is stuck in my head.

“And though she be but little, she is fierce.” -Shakespeare

Isn’t that kind of sad? I am just such an average person that nothing extraordinary has ever been commented on about my character or personality. To certain people, I am obviously not ordinary, but extraordinary, but those people see me in a light that many don’t…including myself.

So what makes someone so special that people comment on their character and it just sticks with someone? I wish I knew.

I have been told I am a hard worker and I am driven, but that is not exactly something that has truly stuck, because I already knew that. I do work hard. I do try, and try again. While I have issues sticking to things sometimes (like losing weight, since I love pizza), I always see the most important things out to the end, like school. I have had so many setbacks in school that many would have quit and just worked full-time instead. However, here I am, writing this blog post from an empty college classroom before the class convenes to attempt to learn Spanish.

Overall, there is not one thing I can think of that has been said to me which sticks. Again, kind of sad, isn’t it?


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