Writing Challenge: Day 1

Prompt: List 5 things that make you really happy.

1. Horse Racing. The feel of the ground shaking from pounding hooves, the roar of the crowd as the field heads toward the finish, and the atmosphere overall.


2. Photography. The feel of capturing a moment is crazy exciting to me.

3. Puppies. I just love them! the puppy breath, the happiness they feel, and how squirmy they are!


4. Horseback riding. Have you felt the power between your legs when you are riding a 1/2 ton animal?! The feel of the wind on your face as you gallop through a field. The smell of fresh straw of sawdust after mucking out stalls. It all is just so…so raw.

5. Concerts. I love the bass pumping through the speakers, just to rattle through my body. The atmosphere of everyone feeling loose and happy about where they are at that moment.

Party people


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