My First Photography Contest

My city has an Arts Council, which operates a local “Art Park,” where artists (usually local) can display sculptures and other works.

Recently, they announced a Photography contest, which will be displayed in the Art Park for a few months. The contest was aptly named “Kidstagram,” which focused on children of our community.

I normally do not photograph individuals, as my area of expertise is horses and horse racing. However, last summer, I had spent a few hours with my friend and her friend’s son, which she was babysitting. We took the boy to the local park and had him play on the slides, on the jungle gym, and we even got him blow on a dandelion, which he miserably failed at.

I managed to get some amazing photos of the boy, more or less just for his mother and father, as well as maybe one or two for my portfolio, since I barely have any photos of people.

Anyway, when this contest came up, I immediately thought of said photos, and asked the boy’s mother if I could enter a photo or two. She said sure and even offered to let me take some more if I needed to.

Instead, I entered one from the previous summer, which can be seen here.

Well, today (April 25, 2017), I received a call from our Arts Council, informing me that my  photo had been chosen to be displayed in this new additional to the Art Park. How exciting!

I proceeded to not only tell my fianc√© about the exciting news, but I called my mom and dad before texting my friend about her son’s stardom!

I will have an update when the exhibit is unveiled, as I hope to attend the opening of the Art Park once again, as not only will the gallery be on display, but as will too new sculptures!


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