Skittles Boy, His Ramblings, and My Observations

Today, I got out of sociology class quite early since we just got our study guide and left. However, this meant I got to spend time beginning to study, as well asbestos subjected to the quiet ramblings of Skittles Boy.

Now, I know we haven’t heard about him in a while, but today, here it is.

Skittles Boy is not being too obnoxious as this very moment, just quietly talking to himself about Steve Smith (whoever that is) and him returning touchdowns. He also was laughing about David Spade for a few moments. He even looked around to see if anyone was paying attention to him.

Since observing him, he has not only talked about David Spade and Steve Smith, but also about the Seahawks, the weather and how he did not expect to see the sun (what?), and demons.

Skittles Boy even asked a fellow student to watch his belonging so he could “walk around.”

The class before us is administering a test, so we are patiently waiting outside in the hall. He is currently asking a student from the class how long the test is going to take, and now is explaining how he is in disbelief of why the test is taking so long. By the way, the class is a Research Methods and Statistics class…

OOH! He is now explaining who Michael Vick is to this student…

And now he just bowed to me and my friend Serenity!

While this post isn’t filled with an interesting story like the others, I needed to keep you all up to date on the saga that is Skittles Boy. I am sure I will be posting once again at some point!


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