Skittles Boy Meets Sam


My first semester at Wright State was the fall of 2014, and on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons of that semester, my ENG 1100 class was in the basement of Millett Hall. While waiting for the class to begin I stood outside in the hall with the other shy freshmen on their phones in typical Millennial fashion. All except for Skittles Boy. I had seen Skittles Boy around campus several times before. He walked around alone all while talking to himself.

It was obvious that he had some form of autism.

One time in particular, I saw him wadding around inside of the concrete pond in front of The Hangar, and I thought to myself, “Does this guy have any supervision?!”

As the late summer turned to fall, my apparel, more often than not, was my Minnesota Vikings jacket. Every time that he saw me waiting for my class, he would ask me if I was a Vikings fan. Being the smartass that I am, I would always reply, “Unfortunately.” The Vikes were in the midst of a dismal season.

He never mentioned anything about their previous games or stats or anything like that, in fact the only thing that he seemed to want to talk about was Christian Ponder, who at the time was the third-string quarterback. And boy I tell ya… Skittles Boy probably knew more about Christian Ponder than Christian Ponder knew about himself. Having the same conversation with him every day didn’t really bother me though. To me, it was a whole hell of a lot better than mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, or the dead sea scrolls or whatever was the hot thing way back in 2014.

The best day though, would have to be when Skittles Boy was trying to do the Patrick Manray bit from SpongeBob SquarePants with anyone that passed by. No one would, but he never broke stride!

That was the last time that I saw him until my Junior year…… and Junior year is when Skittles Boy and I really hit it off!

–By Samuel Runk


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