The Story Behind Skittles Boy

When I started at Wright State University, I was coming into a University where I was only a few of the transfer students coming in as junior or seniors.

In my first semester at the university, I took a Public Relations class, which ended up being a nice, but stressful, class. I also got to meet some awesome people who I have bonded with these past two years. However, there is one kid I need to tell you guys about.

His name is Matt, but I will refer to him as Skittles Boy. This is all in regards to the story I am about to tell you.

In PR class, we were in groups, where Skittles Boy was apart of my group. We were working on coming up with promotions for a local restaurant, an exercise which would help us n the final project for the class. While we were brainstorming, a group on the other side of the room were passing around a bag of skittles. God forbid, Skittles Boy sees them, and instantly starts talking about how much he loves skittles. Then, he seems the girls sharing them with each other.

“Dude! I want some skittles. Give me some skittles. I love skittles.”

The girls kind of laughed it off and ignored him. I also let it go, continuing to work on the task at hand. However, as time went on, all the kid could talk about was those damn skittles.

“Do you guys like the green skittles? I love those. I just love skittles. Can I have some skittles?”

He just kept going on. Finally, I had had enough.

“Dude! Enough about the skittles! We are trying to work and you are distracting us and not contributing. Shut up about the skittles.”

I turned back to the group to discover the looks on their faces was a reflection of astonishment. Yes, I had just told the mentally challenged student to shut the f*** up. I kind of smirked, let out a nervous laugh, and got back to thetas at hand.

The rest of the year, I was responsible for skittles boy, as he ended up in my group. However, the class did not end in a bad way. I passed and I had a chance to learn some teamwork and tolerance in the process.

So, there you have it. That is how Skittles Boy got his name. I hope you all enjoy the future stories I have on him, and understand why I now call him Skittles Boy.

Read more about Skittles Boy in Skittles Boy Talks Streaking.


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