Skittles Boy Talks Streaking

The story of why this fellow student has been aptly named Skittles Boy, by yours truly, but we will save that story for another times.

Today, I walk into the room were my Advanced News Writing class is held. The room is usually empty (besides myself and Skittles Boy), minus the students who linger following the class which is in the room beforehand.

Today, Skittles Boy walked in to talk to the students lingering, then notices my presence. Fantastic (insert eye roll here). He knows that I am a member of the sports team in the class. He knows that the Super Bowl is coming up. We all know the Super Bowl is coming up.

Skittles Boy turns to me, and says…

“In regards to sports, you should look at why people insist on streaking.”

No. No. No.

“No, I am not writing that.” I turn away to sit down.

“Ah, come on! It’s funny!”┬áHe doesn’t believe me when I tell him it is inappropriate for the setting.

While we are on the subject, a disclaimer is, he has some type of disability, so I try to be as courteous and tolerant as possible.

Anyhow, there is your daily blog. Skittles Boy will strike again, but we will never know where!

Stay tuned!


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