Don’t Mix Alcohol and Emotions

On Friday, December 16, I was supposed to have one of the most amazing days of my life, but instead, it changed everything.

I got off work early, went and got my hair dyed to a new, gorgeous shade of maroon, and even got it all curled since my boyfriend Danny likes my hair curly. I then went home and got all nice and spiffy. I had one tight black jeans, boots, and my new maroon sweater. I looked grand. I did my makeup and waited for the boyfriend to come home.

Once he was home, he got ready and then instructed me to take us to the Hot Air Balloon, the bar where we first met. He had secretly called all our friends to the bar and it was supposed to be part one to a very special evening. I got to drinking and having a fantastic time. Danny even played out song, Tennessee Whiskey (The Chris Stapleton version) and we slow danced. Everything was going perfectly.

The it happened. My mood changed ( I was definitely drunk at this point). Danny wanted to head to Clifton Mills. He said they closed at 9 and we needed to hurry. I didn’t want to rush, so I got fussy. I said no, and sat back down at the bar. Danny got mad and stormed out of the bar, but not before throwing the engagement ring he had purchased for me on the bar counter. I started to cry, due to the mixture of emotions and alcohol. I grabbed my coat, purse, and the ring. I walked outside, while in tears, and started walking toward to where Danny was standing, smoking a cigarette.

“Take this, I don’t want it,” I was crying my eyes out at this point.

Danny just looked at me, like he was confused. I stuck the ring in his jacket pocket and started walking toward home (the bar is down the street from our house).

I got about half way home before Danny pulled up in the car.

“Get in.” I did what I was told.

He took off toward home before he decided to drive toward Clifton Mill anyway. I was so upset, angry, hungry, and drunk. These emotions do not mix well, by the way. Danny saw this and decided just to take me home, ruining the plans he had for me.

I ran up to our room, crying, and fell asleep eventually.

It was 12:45 a.m. when I got the phone call.

“I wrecked my truck. I am probably going to go to jail,” Danny said over the phone. He hung up without much explanation, and that is when I tried to leave to go get him. I couldn’t, thought. The roads were sheets of ice, due to the rain and the temperature dropping. There was no way to go to the man I loved.

I desperately tried to get in touch with Danny again, but was unsuccessful. I had no idea what had happened until around 1 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 17. Danny’s friend, Daniel, had come to get him and Danny passed out at his house.

Come to find out, Danny had flipped his truck, totaling it on Route 68 in Yellow Springs. He had taken off on Friday night after our fight. He had been so upset and so hurt, he didn’t want to be there that night.

This experience has shown me that no matter what, alcohol complicates everything. Don’t overindulge and do not go to bed upset or angry with one another. You never know what could happen. If I had lost Danny in that moment, I could never be whole again. Life teaches us lessons, sometimes the hard way, but we need to pay close attention and learn from them.

Since the accident, Danny and I have talked, and set some ground rules for our relationship. No matter how angry we are, neither of us are allowed to leave the house until the conflict is resolved. Also, no more excessive drinking, ever. Also, no more drinking and driving, period. Finally, neither of us are allowed to go to bed angry or upset. We have to talk, and kiss goodnight. Sometimes, it takes almost losing someone to realize what they truly mean to you.

So, take a moment to tell the person you love that you love them, no matter what, and kiss them.


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