Ending the Semester

I have had a very stressful semester, including two classes with a terribly rude and condescending professor. I finally turned in my final Performance for the Media class, which lifts a huge weight off my shoulders. Watching the other groups really has hit home how much this class taught us and molded our skills to become better communicators and storytellers.

In my Research class, I have found that research is not all about using the most information, but using the most quality information. I started my paper with 12-15 citations, but when writing the paper, I found not only much of the information overlapped, it was also sometimes varying. The varying information caused for further research. Also, the final paper was not just a research paper, but a research proposal. We had to find a way to create a study that would contribute to the future studies on the topic of choice.

I don’t believe that Media Criticism was of any value at all to me. I only learned that my teacher thought we were incompetent and sometimes just plain stupid. I can’t imagine how he had been able to retain his job all these years. Now, he is tenure and fears nothing, believing he is invincible. While the best teacher the Communication department has has been fired, this man retains his life at Wright State and continues to degrade students and treat them unfairly. This class was a waste of time and effort, in my opinion.

Media Law, what a fun, difficult class. While it was entirely lecture, which often gets boring, the topics we talked about were quite relatable and we often were given court cases that truly stamped how the United States and media operate. We learned a lot of valuable information, and many things I never could have known if I had not taken this class. While law is nothing short of boring in my opinion, I enjoyed this class.

Finally, Philosophy was a class I was dreading. I often think in different contexts than others, and sometimes, the thoughts clash with other ideas. However, my teacher was a little guy, age 28 with a master’s in philosophy! What?! He liked to nerd out often, using a d20 die to make decisions. He also divided the class into the four houses of Harry Potter. However, this class was quite difficult. We almost always had reading and homework to do. I don’t understand much of the reasoning behind much of it and still often falter. However, I did find some enjoyment in other aspects of the class.

Overall, this semester has been ungodly stressful, mostly due to heavy workloads and intensive classes that worked my brain more than ever. I will not miss any of the classes I am taking this semester.

I am looking forward to the time off before my final semester at Wright State, which truly has been an up and down experience.


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